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Meet & Greet & Easter Eggs

We’re absolutely thrilled that our new video clip has been so well received! Some have already discovered it – there are Easter eggs hidden in the clip again. Each one points to a different series. So, in total there are 4 clues related to 4 series.

If you’re clever and can spot the images in the clip, you can find the solution even without knowing the series. However, all these series are ones that Sven really enjoys and recommends watching.

For those who find the Easter eggs, there’s a chance to win a meet & greet during our “DON’T push this button!” tour in November and December 2024. To participate, please send your solution to We’ll need the following details: – A screenshot of the scene with the Easter egg (or alternatively, the timestamp). – A description of the Easter egg. – Which series it belongs to. – At which concert you’d like to redeem the meet & greet.

This is the first round of meet & greet giveaways, and for each city on our tour, we’ll be awarding one meet & greet. The winner is welcome to bring a companion along.

And here’s a tip: If you can’t find all the Easter eggs, feel free to email us even if you’ve only found 2 or 3. Of course, those with 4 correct answers will be put into the draw pot first, but for some cities there might be only people who have found 1, 2, or 3 correct answers – so you’ll still have a chance even if you haven’t found them all.

Lastly, as always… as tempting as it may be to discuss the solutions on social media or in YouTube comments, please don’t. If the correct solution is revealed, everyone reading your comment will know it, and the chances of winning the meet & greet will rapidly decrease!

If you have tickets for multiple concerts, you’ll be put into multiple draw pots. However, once you’ve won a meet & greet for a specific city, you’ll be removed from the other ones.

The deadline is April 14, 2024. Concert tickets are not included in the prize and the decision is final. The prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Any travel expenses or other costs incurred cannot be reimbursed. Happy Easter and good luck with searching and finding the hidden clues!