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Solar Fake in Braunschweig on 20-Sep-19

Solar Fake in Chemnitz on 24-Aug-19

Solar Fake in La Oroya on 27-Jul-19

Solar Fake in Lima on 25-Jul-19

Solar Fake in München on 03-Aug-19

Solar Fake in Leipzig on 07-Mai-19

DJ Sven Friedrich in Berlin on 04-Apr-19

Solar Fake in Bolkow on 01-Jul-19

DJ Sven Friedrich in Oberhausen on 15-Mrz-19

Schedule Berlin show

Due to organisational circumstances, the schedule of our concert at Lido, Berlin has to be moved up by 30 minutes, otherwise we couldn’t play our full set.
Here’s the new schedule:
18:30 doors open
19:30 show Seadrake (40 min)
20:30 show Solar Fake (105-120 min)

Meanwhile, we’d like to thank you for the fantastic concerts !  By now each show was sold out or aside from a handful of remaining tickets nearly sold out. The atmosphere is breathtaking! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We’re looking forward to the upcoming shows!