Record Release Radio Show

As you know, release events are impossible to realize these days. We usually celebrate the release of a new album with you by playing an outstanding concert. Unfortunately even the Fan Club event, which has been planned to be Covid- safe needed to be postponed. That’s why many people have sent emails asking whether it’s possible for us to do at least SOMETHING. Well yes, it is. And not only something… SecondRadio made it possible to broadcast a 2-hour special on the release date and all 3 musicians will be live on the radio show: on Feb 12, 8 pm (UTC+1).
At the same time we will open a text chat here on this website, so you can send us comments or questions during the show and we’ll also be in the chat for some time after the radio show. You can receive SecondRadio in some parts of Germany in DAB+ and Cable, and worldwide via livestream! More information: