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Dear Diary,

first of all, as promised, the picture we shot yesterday…


Yes, in front of Stephansdom… well… we had no work to do so we were kind of tourists ;-)

Today I woke up quite early and went to the city of Vienna, because I had to buy some new shoes. Luckily I’ve found a well-assorted Doc Martens shop ;-)
Because today Rotersand are on stage for the first time it’s been all a little more stressful, but we were done almost in time ;-) When we started our show there were only about 10 people inside the concert hall which was really a dilly sight ;-) Luckily it became more and more crowded and from our 3rd song on it looked way better. The concert hall filled up continously until we played our last song and the vibes became pretty good as well, so the show was really okay for us.

At this point Frank and I go seperate ways. But don’t worry, just for 1 1/2 days, because I had to fly back to Germany to play the Rollfeld- Festival with Zeraphine. So I turn the next entry over to Frank…


Dear diary,

unfortunately the show in Zagreb had to be cancelled too :-( With these bad news we woke up this morning. So we decided to travel to Vienna today and spend some time there. right now we’re sitting in a coffee bar and write these lines for you. We didn’t take any pictures yet, but we will do it in the next minutes. We’ll continue this post tomorrow ;-)


After spending the free days individually we met on Sunday morning in Hamburg to leave for Serbia, finally in the real bus.


Now even Rotersand are complete and we also picked up some of the travelling group in Munich. The evening in the bus was quiet.  I woke up on Monday morning at sunrise (Frank just went to bed) while we went through the beautiful Slovenian landscape. Then we stopped at the border Slovenia – Croatia. The Slovenian part was no problem, but we couldn’t pass the Croatian boarder guard, because they said some documents are wrong and we want to sell our instruments in Croatia… After endless discussions and argues with a Goering- alike dressed customs officer they finally denied our entry. So the show in Belgrade had to be cancelled and we stayed in Slovenia. For many hours at a resting place near the border with thousands of telephone calls with the organizers of the Belgrade and the Zagreb show, even with the German embassy to save at least the Zagreb show. For all of us it was really sad that Belgrade had to be cancelled… for the most of us it would have been the very first time there…

Resting in Slovenia

At 2 p.m. (frank just woke up again) we left for Ljubljana to spend the rest of the day there. At about 4 p.m. we arrived at our car park which was located outside of the city. After an one hour walk we reached the ancient city of Ljubljana where we’ve made some sightseeing and even walked up to the castle.


Now we’re sitting in the bus again and we will know by tomorrow morning whether we may travel to Croatia to play the show in Zagreb or not. Well then, good night… ;-)

Kopenhagen, Forbraendingen

After the alarm clock rang at 6.00 a.m. and I have slept amazing 2 1/2 hours we’ve had some breakfast in the hotel in Rostock. Then we left for Copenhagen. On the short trip to the ferry Ronan was in a brillant mood and he entertained everyone in the van excellent. Our first steps on the ferry led us to the coffee bar to stay awake. A few minutes after we took this picture it started raining…

SF @ Ferry
The show from our point of view was somehow ambivalent. By now we haven’t been in that situation that almost no-one knows us. So the audience kept a kind of security zone in front of the stage during the first 2 songs. But from song to song they came closer, were dancing, listening and applauding quite loud. Everybody told us that the response was really good for Danish audience. Well, quite a few people bought our album… ;-)

Just like in Rostock VNV really rocked! People became a kind of extatic… After the last note was done we were really stressed, because we had to reach a certain ferry. The loading had to be done in an almost unrealistic amount of time, but we all made it ;-) In the van Ronan and Mark proved their ability to entertain, even off stage n ;-) They’re really unbeatable, no matter how tired they are…

From now on we travel in a nightliner, which means less stress and more sleep. I think everybody’s longing for that ;-)


Rostock, Mau Club

This is the attempt of a tour diary… we still don’t know, whether we have internet access in the clubs , but we’ll write some of our impressions down every day and put them online whenever we can ;-)

Well, tonight we played in Rostock and I’ll keep it briefly, because VNV are currently playing and I want to see them ;-) After we left Berlin a little too late, we arrived in rostock a little late as well ;-) but it wasn’t a real problem… On this tour we don’t have our crew with us, because of the lack of space in the tourbus and we also can’t use our video projection (lack of space on stage) But luckily the VNV crew has agreed to take care of us… and they did today very well… After this short time I can’t really say anything, but everyone welcomed us absolutely friendly ;-)

Our show could have been better (screwed up some lyrics…), well it will be better tomorrow *lol* The crowd was very cool and they really had fun, I think ;-)

Well, tomorrow we have to leave very early for Copenhagen… and now I go to see VNV ;-)

Hope to tell you more tomorrow… greetings from Frank…