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Rostock, Mau Club

This is the attempt of a tour diary… we still don’t know, whether we have internet access in the clubs , but we’ll write some of our impressions down every day and put them online whenever we can ;-)

Well, tonight we played in Rostock and I’ll keep it briefly, because VNV are currently playing and I want to see them ;-) After we left Berlin a little too late, we arrived in rostock a little late as well ;-) but it wasn’t a real problem… On this tour we don’t have our crew with us, because of the lack of space in the tourbus and we also can’t use our video projection (lack of space on stage) But luckily the VNV crew has agreed to take care of us… and they did today very well… After this short time I can’t really say anything, but everyone welcomed us absolutely friendly ;-)

Our show could have been better (screwed up some lyrics…), well it will be better tomorrow *lol* The crowd was very cool and they really had fun, I think ;-)

Well, tomorrow we have to leave very early for Copenhagen… and now I go to see VNV ;-)

Hope to tell you more tomorrow… greetings from Frank…