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Dear Diary,

now autumn has really arrived… it’s cold, windily, some rain is falling… I woke up when the bus made a strange turn-over beside “Strasse E” with a few millimeters space on every side ;-) The area around the venue is really nice. Old factory builings made of brick, some of them were reconstructed. There was some time left until soundcheck, so I went to the city centre of Dresden to buy a cable. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I really don’t like shopping, so I’m not a big fan of shopping malls as well ;-) I arrived at the Saturn market, where we’ve made a signing session plus a little acoustic set with Zeraphine a few years ago. Anyway, I haven’t found the desired cable…

When we started our show the venue already was quite well-crowded. The atmosphere was really good for us. Unfortunately one of our effects crashed during the concert so the sound must have been a little noisy for some time. Well, that happens… luckily we could fix the problem right after the show ;-) Rotersand really rocked again and the VNV show was simply brilliant. It’s so great to see how overwhelmed Ronan is when there’s such a great response by the audience…

We have to leave for Hamburg straight after load out so we can’t spend too much time at the party after the show… See you tomorrow…


Dear Diary,

today nothing really important happened during the day. It was raining all day long, so it didn’t make any sense to take a walk or something similar… Our show was really good compared to Dortmund. The audience was really nice, even if many people told me that they couldn’t get into the venue on time, so they’ve missed parts of our show. Well, we had a lot of fun and I think everyone could see and hear it ;-)

I’m really sorry, there’s really nothing more to tell…


Dear Diary,

when we arrived at the venue, we immediately cared about our small technical problems and luckily solved all of them ;-)

The rest of the day passed by quite unspectacular until show-time. The club was new built and the equipment was very new as well. Catering was really extraordinary… amazing ;-).

Our show was not bad, at least I felt like this. No technical problems, stage was big enough to run… But for some reason we couldn’t really ignite a spark the way we wanted… . Yes, people were listening clapping hands and applauding but the atmosphere felt rather bad. This mood continued when Rotersand entered the stage, but it seemed that people woke up during the end of their set. But even when VNV Nation played you still could identify single hand claps in the applause, so I asked myself why those people go to a concert. I think I’ve never seen 1.300 people that were so lame… what’s going on, Dortmund??? I mean, when we have a quiet audience, it’s okay with me, but

And above all…  the election result… oh my God… if it wasn’t that shocking I would be amused that the citizens of our country sound the death knell for themselves, just like a kamikaze pilot… If, however, the election result was responsible for the lame mood tonight I can accept this… I’m sure we’ll have great fun with longer operating times of nuclear power plants, social abstinence, financial affairs we will not get notice of and an uncontrollable corruption. By the way, I would be in favour of using the kanzleramt (chancellery) as repository for nuclear waste… Mrs. Merkel said it’s such a safe way of power production… well then… The atmosphere in bus was really down the drain after watching the news… good night, Germany!


Dear Diary,

today nothing to get really excited about happened until the concert started. Well, we tried to buy some smaller pipes for our keyboard stand so that it’s not that big on stage. But we weren’t  lucky.

Because we wanted to start our set with the intro today, we wanted to use a remote control for the first time, which can start the intro from the side of the stage. Frank has programmed it already and we extensively tested it during soundcheck. Everything worked fine… Well, here are the first mishaps ;-) When Frank started the intro we had to realize that it ran far too deep and faaar to slow… I‘m usually  freaking out in such a situation, but luckily Frank always stays calm, thanks to the times when he was a competetive shooter. He stepped onto the stage and could resolve the problem while the intro was running… sounded weird, but unique (hopefully) *lol*. The first song (Hiding memories from the sun) went well so far, but when we tried to start the second song (Stigmata rain) we had to notice that no signal was transmitted on these tracks… A short public guesswork followed *g*, and we checked the tracks for the following song (Sometimes). These tracks worked well so we changed our set list. Thereafter Frank had to move all following songs to the working tracks which took us another funny moment but from now on everything worked pretty well.

Here in Magdeburg we were announced for a longer time and the audience was almost completely inside the venue when we started.  Even if I’ve heard that some people missed our first songs due to the rather slow entrance procedure. We liked the atmosphere during our show pretty much, I’m really keen how the next dates are going.

When our show was over we checked our equipment and had to realize that the new remote control transmitted a few signals too much… Well, I guess we have to update the programming of it… *gg*

After our show I talked to many people, unfortunately I missed most of the Rotersand- show, but VNV really rocked the house again!

I couldn’t stay at the following party until the end, because I was simply too tired and fell into my ‚bus-bed‘ at about 3.00 am. But I’ll be at Factory again next week as a DJ, so there is another chance ;-).


Dear Diary,

let’s start a few days earlier… 3 days ago our tourmanager Peddy called me to ask if it was possible to step in for Frozen Plasma for the rest of the tour. There were private reasons that prevented Frozen Plasma from continuing the tour in addition to the singers’ flu. I was quite perplexed, so I asked for some time to check several things and first of all to call Frank to see if he could manage it, because I knew he was in the midst of his diploma thesis revision. Frank was perplexed as well, but he could organize his dates so that we could confirm the tour. Anyway, I asked Peddy several times if there’s really no way for Frozen Plasma to continue. Well, there was not much time to organize everything so we’ve been really stressed out with all the things to manage (next Sunday there are elections in Germany, so we had to vote at the office, taking clothes to the launderette, because they had to dry fast and so on… ;-)

So I went to Postbahnhof on Friday. Frank had to comply with the closing date for his thesis on Friday as well, but he arrived right in time for soundcheck. We’ve been welcomed warmly by the bandst he crew. It’s great to know they’re all glad to have us back on board ;-), even if it’s a pity that Vasi is not with us anymore.

I actually like Postbahnhof. Well, we usually play our Zeraphine shows here. Unfortunately there are these terrible parties on weekends. That’s why concerts have to be finished quite early and bands start to play very early… I cannot count the people who told me, that they arrived too late to see our show. Well, 6:45 is really early for a concert… You can imagine how it looked when we had to start playing… But the hall became more and more crowded and in the last third of our show it looked really good. Atmosphere-wise we know that Berlin audience can be better, but it’s not our concert and in that short period of time it wasn’t possible to promote our appearance (the show was sold-out so people couldn’t buy tickets anyway). So it was really okay for us and we got very positive responses to our show.

Well, sleeping one more night at home and then straight to Magdeburg… we’ve been really too tired to go to the after-show-party at K17.


Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning right after we passed the Czech border, quite early in the morning. For the first time on this tour the weather was really bad… raining, cold… anyway, at some point it stopped raining.
The venue in Prague is located in the city centre, within a kind of a mall with small shops and bars. Unfortunately the space reserved for our bus was occupied by cars so we caused a tiny little traffic jam. Anyway, we took a look at the club first… Lucerna music bar has 2 floors, the stage is round, rotating and even immersible.  Luckily nobody had the idea to rotate it or to bring it down ;-)
When the bus was parked correctly Ronan invited me for a coffee. Meanwhile Peddy (tourmanager) and Vasi (VNV, Frozen Plasma) joined us and a good conversation followed.
While the stage has been set I’ve had some time to walk around in the city of Prague. Unfortunately Frank was still sleeping, so we couldn’t take any pictures :-( .
The response to our show was really good. Even if it wasn’t as packed as in the other cities the atmosphere was excellent. We’ve met people from Czech Republic (strange, isn’t it?), Poland, Germany and the US and all of them seemed to like it quite a lot.
Rotersand and VNV rocked the place as they always do… very impressive … ;-)

Well, tomorrow (in Stuttgart) we have to leave the tour, because then Frozen Plasma take our position (except Magdeburg). We’ll write again after the Magdeburg- Show which will be the real end of our tour with VNV Nation… Take care :-)


Dear Diary,
now it’s me (Sven) again. After two (at least for me) very exhausting days (flight from Vienna to Berlin, straight to a Zeraphine rehearsal, sleep a little, driving to Grossenhain, played the show with Zeraphine at about 1.00 in the morning, going off stage at about 2.30, straight into my car, driving 200 km back to Berlin Tegel, flying to Paris and then further to Torino, arriving at 2.40 pm in Torino without any sleep, luckily being picked up at the airport and arriving at the club at about 4 pm) I went straight into the bus and slept for about 2 hours, even though the weather was excellent ;-)

Then it all became very stressful, because there wer some technical problems that took quite a while to resolve. A short time after we finished our soundcheck we had to start our show. Again there were not too many people in the club when we started, but not as bad as in Vienna ;-) But even here more and more people came to the stage, the response of the audience was good for us, they were dancing, clapping hands and what else belongs to it ;-)

Even if our concerts on this tour are only 30 minutes long, it’s quite exhausting, so I went to bed right after we umounted our equipment. Unfortunately we didn’t take a photo in Torino :-(

At this point I’d like to mention that the guys from Rotersand and VNV Nation are really kind and I think we feel a kind of true sympathy for each other *gg*

The next day was a traveling day, that we’ve spent mainly at Backstage Werk in Munich. Because I went to bed very early I woke up at daybreak while driving through the Alps. An unbelievably great sight… every time again :-) There’s not much more to tell, except some guys from Backstage Werk arranged a private barbeque for us. Thank you, Achim!


Dear Diary,

after the evening in Vienna ended up in a cheerful party we left for Rome very early in the morning. Because the bus driver had to rest we chose a beautiful restaurant in the mountains near Bologna for the break where we could stay with our bus for the next night.

This landscape is unbelievably beautiful. The whole tour group had dinner on a long table in the restaurant. The excellent meal alone was worth the long journey. After a short volleyball match and some nice conversation with the guys of Rotersand my day ended and I went to bed. We continued our journey to Rome very early in the morning.

In Rome we’ve had the first stuck situation on this tour. At the clubs entrance the bus touched the ground and it moved neither forth nor back. After trying several tricks and some broken pieces of asphalt we set it free and we could start setting up the equipment. I’ve had a free day because of the Zeraphine show in Grossenhain, so I immediately went to the city of Rome. The sun is shining, there are 28°C… water, sunglasses… let’s go. After a 6km trail I arrived at the city centre and I went quite aimless through the small alleyways.
After many corners I’ve found a tourist info at St. Maria Maggiore with a map of the city centre where I could arrange my schedule for the day.


So I started my way towards Colosseum, passing Palatino and Circo Massimo and from there upstream at river Tavere to Piazza St. Pietro which is the main site in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. From there I passed Castel St. Angelo back to the east side of river Tavere. Here you can amble through beautiful alleyways and enjoy the Italian flair. So I went to Piazza Navona, to Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Via Nazionale and arrived at Piazza della Republica.


That was the end of my walk through Rome and when I’ve found the right bus stop I went back to the club. There I’ve seen a great performance of Rotersand and a perfect VNV Nation show. My work-day started after the last note was played. The stage had to be unmounted and packed in max 2 hours which was a record so I helped the crew. Thereafter we went straight into the bus and we left for Torino.


Dear Diary,

first of all, as promised, the picture we shot yesterday…


Yes, in front of Stephansdom… well… we had no work to do so we were kind of tourists ;-)

Today I woke up quite early and went to the city of Vienna, because I had to buy some new shoes. Luckily I’ve found a well-assorted Doc Martens shop ;-)
Because today Rotersand are on stage for the first time it’s been all a little more stressful, but we were done almost in time ;-) When we started our show there were only about 10 people inside the concert hall which was really a dilly sight ;-) Luckily it became more and more crowded and from our 3rd song on it looked way better. The concert hall filled up continously until we played our last song and the vibes became pretty good as well, so the show was really okay for us.

At this point Frank and I go seperate ways. But don’t worry, just for 1 1/2 days, because I had to fly back to Germany to play the Rollfeld- Festival with Zeraphine. So I turn the next entry over to Frank…


Dear diary,

unfortunately the show in Zagreb had to be cancelled too :-( With these bad news we woke up this morning. So we decided to travel to Vienna today and spend some time there. right now we’re sitting in a coffee bar and write these lines for you. We didn’t take any pictures yet, but we will do it in the next minutes. We’ll continue this post tomorrow ;-)