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Audio Preview

We provide sample streams of the “Frontiers” songs now. On legal grounds we can only stream 1- minute- samples, but you’ll hopefully get an impression anyway. Of course, it all sound way better if you playback the songs on a hifi station instead of through notebook or smartphone speakers… you know that… 😉
You can find the stream site on the left sidebar -> Audio- Preview or by following this link : Audio- Preview

DJ Sven Friedrich in Leipzig on 23-Jul-11

New Website

Hello and welcome to the new Solar Fake website.
We hope you like the new design. Unfortunately we’re extremely busy at the moment, just before the release of the album, but we’ll provide a few audio samples of “Frontiers” very soon. The download section of the website is still missing… It will be online as soon as we have some content for it 😉

Now have fun exploring…

Solar Fake in Berlin on 22-Jul-11

Berlin / Neuwerk Festivals

What an evening, dear tour diary.

After my car had broken down in the middle of nowhere the night before, the other event went well for me after all thanks to the help of a friend. Although I slept only three hours I was prompt and could do the sound check at 4 pm in the Postbahnhof.

That night our show had been placed at primetime because This Morn Omina had to cancel their show. That way we had more play time and we were able to perform two more songs than in Cologne. We also completely changed our setlist to create better suspense. The audience showed us that we had done well. Thank you Berlin for the great atmosphere!

After our show we enjoyed the further evening and watched the VNV Nation concert.

Then the long longed for concerts were over. So now all we can do is wait for the next one.

So long, dear tour diary.

Köln / Neuwerk Festivals

Dear tour diary,

after having spent several weeks in anticipation finally the day had come. We hit the road again in the morning of Dec 26th, heading towards Cologne. When we arrived it was like coming back home to a large family. Everyone fell into each other´s arms and was glad about the reunion…

The sound check was rather unspectacular – as usual. Stage time came closer quickly. Then finally we were on stage again and I dare say Cologne: you were great! People were taken away by the music right from the start and it was great fun for us.

Right after the gig we packed our equipment and I (Frank) jumped into the car and headed off to the highway since that evening I had another event about 350km away. Sven also headed off to Berlin the same night since he wanted to be prompt and as well rested as possible in the Postbahnhof.

That was that, more to come tomorrow in Berlin…


Dear Diary,

at the end of this long journey I (Frank) finally want to pipe up again. Last night (in Dresden) a blower fan in the bus broke down and we were a little afraid to be burnt to death because we didn’t know where this awful smell came from… but we safely arrived in Hamburg. (Sven: I just thought the bus driver has finally found the switch for the heating ;-)) I was awoken with the words “Frank we have to get out of the bus” right in front of the Docks Club. Thoughts about a blaze came into my mind but we simply had to leave the bus, because it had to continue the journey without us. So we had to pack our things and then sleep at Docks Club ;-).

The rest of the day was not really exciting. The singers of the 3 bands had some interviews, stage setup and soundcheck went off without a hitch.

Our show felt really good. The audience was a little chary in the beginning, but they were really open minded. Some people were clapping hands in the songs and the atmosphere got better and better from song to song…

After we finished our gig we watched the really great shows of Rotersand and VNV Nation for the last time until December. VNV Nation played “Where there is light” for the first time live, Ronan played the piano in this song… Then it was time to say good-bye and everyone went back home.

We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in this great tour. A giant ‘thank you’ goes to all the new listeners of SF who gave us a chance. We really hope to see you again on one of our shows in the future…


Dear Diary,

now autumn has really arrived… it’s cold, windily, some rain is falling… I woke up when the bus made a strange turn-over beside “Strasse E” with a few millimeters space on every side ;-) The area around the venue is really nice. Old factory builings made of brick, some of them were reconstructed. There was some time left until soundcheck, so I went to the city centre of Dresden to buy a cable. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I really don’t like shopping, so I’m not a big fan of shopping malls as well ;-) I arrived at the Saturn market, where we’ve made a signing session plus a little acoustic set with Zeraphine a few years ago. Anyway, I haven’t found the desired cable…

When we started our show the venue already was quite well-crowded. The atmosphere was really good for us. Unfortunately one of our effects crashed during the concert so the sound must have been a little noisy for some time. Well, that happens… luckily we could fix the problem right after the show ;-) Rotersand really rocked again and the VNV show was simply brilliant. It’s so great to see how overwhelmed Ronan is when there’s such a great response by the audience…

We have to leave for Hamburg straight after load out so we can’t spend too much time at the party after the show… See you tomorrow…


Dear Diary,

today nothing really important happened during the day. It was raining all day long, so it didn’t make any sense to take a walk or something similar… Our show was really good compared to Dortmund. The audience was really nice, even if many people told me that they couldn’t get into the venue on time, so they’ve missed parts of our show. Well, we had a lot of fun and I think everyone could see and hear it ;-)

I’m really sorry, there’s really nothing more to tell…