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Solar Fake in Birmingham on 08-Okt-11

Solar Fake in Sheffield on 07-Okt-11

Solar Fake in Newcastle on 06-Okt-11

Solar Fake in Glasgow on 05-Okt-11

Solar Fake in Köln on 21-Jan-12

DJ Sven Friedrich in Leipzig on 10-Dec-11

This event has been postponed to Dec 10th 2011

FRONTIERS & Your hell is here

Frontiers is released !!! We hope you like it! Maybe we see each other tonight at the releaseparty at K17, Berlin. Doors open at 8, we’re scheduled to start our show at 10pm. There are 2 support acts. Because you’ve asked so many times… yes you can buy the new album and new shirts at the show tonight 🙂

And, “Your hell is here” is released today as well.  Here’s a trailer:

You can order it here:

Sven & Das Ich

Sven will support “Das Ich” with his vocals on the upcoming Amphi Festival. In honour of Stefan Ackermann… we wish you a speedy recovery!