Berlin / Neuwerk Festivals

What an evening, dear tour diary.

After my car had broken down in the middle of nowhere the night before, the other event went well for me after all thanks to the help of a friend. Although I slept only three hours I was prompt and could do the sound check at 4 pm in the Postbahnhof.

That night our show had been placed at primetime because This Morn Omina had to cancel their show. That way we had more play time and we were able to perform two more songs than in Cologne. We also completely changed our setlist to create better suspense. The audience showed us that we had done well. Thank you Berlin for the great atmosphere!

After our show we enjoyed the further evening and watched the VNV Nation concert.

Then the long longed for concerts were over. So now all we can do is wait for the next one.

So long, dear tour diary.