Dear Diary,

at the end of this long journey I (Frank) finally want to pipe up again. Last night (in Dresden) a blower fan in the bus broke down and we were a little afraid to be burnt to death because we didn’t know where this awful smell came from… but we safely arrived in Hamburg. (Sven: I just thought the bus driver has finally found the switch for the heating ;-)) I was awoken with the words “Frank we have to get out of the bus” right in front of the Docks Club. Thoughts about a blaze came into my mind but we simply had to leave the bus, because it had to continue the journey without us. So we had to pack our things and then sleep at Docks Club ;-).

The rest of the day was not really exciting. The singers of the 3 bands had some interviews, stage setup and soundcheck went off without a hitch.

Our show felt really good. The audience was a little chary in the beginning, but they were really open minded. Some people were clapping hands in the songs and the atmosphere got better and better from song to song…

After we finished our gig we watched the really great shows of Rotersand and VNV Nation for the last time until December. VNV Nation played “Where there is light” for the first time live, Ronan played the piano in this song… Then it was time to say good-bye and everyone went back home.

We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in this great tour. A giant ‘thank you’ goes to all the new listeners of SF who gave us a chance. We really hope to see you again on one of our shows in the future…