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(293) Chrissy
Do, 11 Feb 2016 00:33

Wir freuen uns schon riesig auf morgen Abend ;-))
Liebe grüße aus Nürnberg

(292) Heike
Fr, 15 Jan 2016 22:09

Heike liebt Sven, Sven wird Heike niemals lieben. Bitte sag nicht Mama zu mir, Oma Heike klingt cooler. Und bitte antworte nicht,...See you in Hamburg, I Turn over the Pages, till they 're blank....


(291) Svetlana
Fr, 15 Jan 2016 16:33
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Dear Sven!
First of all, have a cool new year, my congrats! although it started strange, not easy, but I hope it will be an excellent ! we have to believe..
Secondly, let me congratulate you and your team with video premiere, just watched! Video is incredibly beautiful, fairy tuned, calibrated to perfection and it's true. Every point is great and well done at the highest level, my respect for you, editors, the whole team. this "cartoon" idea with wooden birds and all these effects - I wonder who created this, it took too much time and patience. All this, of course, is worthy of attention but looks too quickly..

For me, the scene on the beach, where you sit and sea sounds is much more organic, natural and beautiful, you could cover this scene with this music, that's all.)) Maybe you're just like all adjusted to the ideal, this feature is close for me also. I prefer right now listen to this song and remember fragments from the video in my imagination, they are not too fast there ;)

I hope nothing has changed in general and I think you're just as sincere as were ) i see. Just the era of technology and perfect sound, video seems unnaturally beautiful and unreal, we may get used to such effects. As for me - I love it but it distracts me from music and lyrics.. I prefer such things, effects in movie.

I wanted to get an example from Zeraphine video but then I remembered outtakes from Still and burst out laughing :)) what did you smoked during the shooting as well?) In general, in old Zera video you are real and natural, though in a new one - may be you are just perfect?)) I'm confused. Need a time to used to new creation. I love new technology but for me, Zeraphine and Dreadful Shadows forever in my heart, I do not forget these songs. Would be cool if one day you go back to the primordial at least, to one of these projects.. if you, of course, feel still close to them.. I like Solar Fake very much but it's slightly different love ;-)
I wish you new victories, achievements, success and be yourself )!
Have a great time and fine mood

or es wird nichts mehr sein wie es war?)

(290) Chrissy
Fr, 01 Jan 2016 03:15

Hallo ihr Lieben,
Happy New Year, die besten Wünsche und viel Erfolg für 2016 senden wir euch aus Nürnberg .
Liebe grüße Chrissy

(289) Chrissy
Do, 24 Dez 2015 20:11

Lieber Sven,
ich wünsche dir ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und erholsame Tage
Merry X - Mas
Liebe grüße aus Nürnberg sendet dir Chrissy.

(288) Invisible Fan
Do, 03 Dez 2015 01:24

Hi guys, I just wanted to say that your music is...Well I have no words to describe how much I love your music! :-) ❤ I love the new album, well I love all your albums, they're all very solid, and great! Maybe one day I'll get to see you guys live, but I live in the US so I'm not holding my breath, maybe hope though. ;-)

Greetings from Michigan, US :-)

(287) Silke
Sa, 28 Nov 2015 00:07

ich habe euch zum ersten Mal als Support von Camouflage in Hamburg erlebt. Ihr habt mich echt geflasht. So war die Release-Party in Berlin ein Muss. Andre, deine Moves sind ein Hingucker. Sven, deine Stimme und Ausstrahlung sind der Hammer. Am 13. Februar werde ich wieder in Hamburg dabei sein. Ich freue mich riesig. Die neue CD ist suuuper. Besonders liebe ich "I don't want you in here" und "Stay". Bitte spielt in HH auch "The line of sight"!!! Bis bald, euer Küstenkind

(286) ???
Do, 19 Nov 2015 15:30

I think I got the hint now, took me quite a while, because I didn't expect that, not at all, it simply was ... irritating at first, well, I'm too sensitive too time and again, I guess, so - it's fine. Your new video shows courage, that's good, I like that. There's honesty in it as well + getting closer to the truth - I am more than pleased, I hate to misunderstand.

(Apart from that, I'm simply busy too, right now ...)

(285) Unbunt
Mo, 02 Nov 2015 01:08

Berlin war super! Danke nochmal für diesen tollen, besonderen Abend. Die neue Platte ist wieder eine sehr gut gelungene Facette deiner musikalischen Bandbreite, Sven!.... und es ist wirklich was zum Hüpfen

(284) Kátia
So, 01 Nov 2015 00:27

I prefer the old Solar Fake . In this new CD the songs seem the same . The wonderful voice of Sven has no chemistry with the arrangements. The best are " If I Were You" and "I Do not Want You In Here ". I´m a brasilian fan

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